Terms of business

12 Croskery Road,
Auckland 2110

Ph: (09) 299 3640
Fax: (09) 299 3740

Why deal with AGRU New Zealand?

At AGRU New Zealand, we are customer focused. We value the importance of customer satisfaction with every job, no matter the scale.

Our AGRU New Zealand team is dedicated to providing fast customer responses.

The AGRU New Zealand fleet will respond to your needs with timely same day deliveries.

AGRU New Zealand can provide you with the ability to be flexible when dealing with us.
You will encounter our friendly team of technical advisors, salesmen and project managers when you pop down for a visit.

We can provide technical advice and expertise to assist you in providing the best working system for your job.

Products are 100% top quality. Manufactured in Austria, AGRU products are known worldwide and come to you from the far stretches of the world.

Remember, at AGRU New Zealand, we deal with quality. Anytime, anywhere, we will provide you with realistic quotes.

Here at AGRU NZ, we are backed by a worldwide leader in plastics. AGRU Austria provides us with the unique ability to assure quality in our products.

We sell, service and repair electo-fusion and butt-welding welding machines + other various mechanical + non mechanical PE100 pipe tools.

We can offer you a full range of manually and automatically operated valves. From ball valves, cone check, butterfly, three way to diaphragm valves.

If you need a hot air welder or a welding extruder, we are the place to come. We can provide you with a extensive selection of HSK tools.